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Amanda clements

Amanda Clements Life Coach for Athletes

Amanda Clements is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who specializes in helping athletes who are struggling with performance anxiety or have a difficult time overcoming disappointments. She also takes a "whole life" approach and helps clients who feel they are lacking direction, purpose, motivation, organization, passion and/or life balance.  She has experience working with a wide range of age groups and uses life coaching techniques to help her clients achieve their desired goals.

Amanda’s twenty-year sports career includes competing as a Division I gymnast and playing defensive back for Washington, DC’s semi-pro, women’s football team. It was her own struggle with transitioning out of competition that ultimately led her to combine her coaching practice with her love of sports. She now finds purpose helping other athletes excel during their competitive careers, as well as navigate the transition into life thereafter.

Amanda graduated from Towson University with a B.S. in Anthropology and Sociology. She later completed her CPC with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. In addition to her work with MD Sports, she is also the owner and operator of Beyond the Game, LLC.

Mindset Mastery

The newest program at MD Sports, Mindset Mastery is for any athlete who:

  • Wants a better understanding of their overall mindset and approach to life and sports
  • Has difficulty overcoming mistakes or disappointments
  • Has performance anxiety


  • Any parent or coach who wants to find the best way to communicate with and support their athletes from the sideline

The program consists of 3 in-person sessions, as well as an online assessment. The assessment gives detailed insight into how one's energy is being spent (both consciously and unconsciously), and how this energy is either helping or hindering progress towards desired goals. For more information, or to schedule your Mindset Mastery sessions, Amanda can be contacted directly through the link below.