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Michelle garvin, phd

Dr. Michelle Garvin, Sports Psychologist

Dr. Michelle Garvin is a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland. She specializes in clinical and sport psychology with athletes and other performers.  She has experience working with athletes at all levels of performance, and uses cognitive behavioral and interpersonal strategies to help athletes reach their fullest potential both on and off the field.

Dr. Garvin graduated from The George Washington University with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She completed her internship at the University of California, Davis where she worked in the Applied Sport Psychology Program. Here she worked with individuals, teams, and coaches and provided psychological skills training and clinical services to the student athlete population. She also worked at the United States Naval Academy where she provided performance enhancement workshops and individual services to midshipmen to help them attain their physical requirements for graduation. She has developed and implemented a psychological skills training program for elite high school swimmers to help improve self-efficacy and psychological strategy use (i.e. goal setting, self-talk, arousal regulation) for performance.

In working with individual athletes, Dr. Garvin specializes in both clinical and performance issues, focusing on life balance, relationships, energy regulation, stress and anxiety control, and general psychological skill building for performance. In working with teams, she emphasizes the same concepts as well as communication, team building, leadership and goal setting. 

Dr. Garvin works with athletes and teams from all sports, and has particular experience working with swimming, lacrosse, track, cross country, field hockey, water polo, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, football, cycling, gymnastics and triathlon. Dr. Garvin is available for individual therapy as well as consultation to teams.